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Alla Tan tou

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Roume Island Retreat, First Timers

You choose your length of stay to fit your schedule and budget between December 30, 2018 to January 20, 2019. This rate of $100.00 is per day and includes: lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner, three 1.5 liters of bottled water, yoga, dance and drum instruction. Shuttle to and from the airport with overnight stays at Abdoulaye's home in Conakry upon arrival and departure. Classes not available on your arrival and departure dates. The listed price is per day.

Retreat First Timers

Roume Island Retreat, Returners

You get everything listed above with a discount. We know you love Guinean people and culture. We are so happy to have you back! Dates available are between December 30, 2018 to January 20, 2018. The listed price is per day. 

Retreat Returners

Add on - Fishing excursion

Do you want to go fishing by boat? We will provide you with a boat, a captain and guides. This price is per fishing excursion and includes gas money for the boat engine as well as payment to the captain and guides. You are responsible for bringing your own fishing gear. You are required to bring your own life jacket on our boat, as listed in the list of things to pack, and wear your life jacket at all times on your fishing excursion. 

Fishing excursion

Add on - Kindia countryside excursion

This excursion is available Saturday, January 5, 2018. We will escort you by taxi to Kindia, a smaller city that is famous for its' markets. On Friday, January 4, 2019, we will stay overnight in Abdoulaye's home in Conakry and on Saturday morning, January 5, 2019 we will wake, have breakfast and head to Kindia. The drive from Conakry to Kindia is 2.5 hour which includes beautiful scenic stops along the way. This will be a fun overnight trip in Kinda. On Saturday we will spend the night in Kindia at a hotel, we will arrive back to Abdoulaye's home in Conakry late afternoon/early evening on Sunday, January 6th  where his sister Mariama will prepare us a delicious dinner for us. On Monday, January 7th we will return to Roume Island. Price includes boat transportation both to and from Roume Island, taxi transportation in Conakry and to Kindia, payment to Alla Tan Tou guides and a restaurant meal, a cooked dinner and breakfast by our cooks in Kindia. 

Kindia countryside excursion

Add on - Conakry city excursion

This excursion is available Saturday, January 5, 2019. We will escort you to some local markets that sell unique West African and hand dyed indigo textiles. From there we will go to Fougou Fougou Faga Faga Cultural Space, an outdoor recreational spot established by the famous music group Le Espoirs De Coronthie that has a fun and relaxed atmosphere. There are often performances by local artists where you can enjoy entertainment and  a meal from a couple of restaurants to choose from for your dining pleasure. Price includes boat transportation both to and from Roume Island, taxi transportation within Conakry, entrance into and one meal at Fougou Fougou Faga Faga and payment to Alla Tan Tou guides. 

Conkary city excursion

Donate - We are a 501 (c) (3) organization.

In this new year of 2018, we would like to provide our community at large, one to two opportunities to experience our interactive, family friendly performances - of which we would like to provide one to two free or a very low cost entrance fee to our performance(s). With performing comes the cost of costumes, maintaining instruments, renting venues, and paying a reasonable fee to the hardworking artists for their rehearsal and performance time. No donation is too small and is greatly appreciated.

Donation for interactive, family friendly performance(s)